1. It is the customer's responsibility to check all material received before installing.

2.  Goods shall remain in the vendor until the full price or other sums payable by the buyer to the vendor in respect of the goods is paid.

3.  After the goods leave the vendors premises or control, goods shall be held at the buyer's risk and expense in the respect of loss, damage and deterioration from any cause.

4. All electrical products must be installed by a licensed electrician.

5. No electrical advice can be given by any of our staff.

6. Goods may be returned within 14 days of the date of purchase in exchange for other products or a credit note.

7. No refunds are given out.

8. Goods are to be returned at the customer's expense unless otherwise noted.

9.  Goods returned as faulty and subsequently found not to be faulty will be returned to the customer. 

10.  Goods returned which are not in good order and condition, or a special order item will not be accepted for return.