Electra RG6 305m Roll



RG6 Cable

Application: Transmission equipment for radio television closed circuit and communication system, radar data system and for high-Frequency signal Transmission.

Bare Copper wire(BC)
Tinned Copper wire (TC)

Copper Clad Steel (CCS)

Solid polyethylene (SPE)
Foam polyethylene (FPE)


Bare Copper Wire braid (BCWB)
Tinned Copper Wire braid (TCWB)
 Aluminium wire braid and Al/PET tape (AWBT)

 Copper wire braid and Al/PET tape (CWBT)
Sheath: PVC V75; Black or White Colour
Voltage: ELV
Resistance: 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm
Standard: Generally to US Mil-C 17
 Pack Length: 305m

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