C Clip / U Clips Bracket




  • To securely mount power points, light switches, audio plates etc to a Gyprock wall after the wall has been erected.
  • Commonly known as wall clips, c clips, u clips.


  • Measure the height of the other wall plates in the room - so they all look even.
  • Place the plaster bracket - c-clip on the wall and draw in pencil the internal Ushape of the bracket - draw around the curved section of the plate too - mark where the screw hole will be as well, turn the plate upside down and line up the screw holes on the side and draw on the wall the internal of the Ushape again, this will leave you with a rectangle shape with 2 wings for the screw.
  • Cut out the rectangle with a gyprock saw.
  • Insert the C-Clip through the hole holding onto the 2 tabs that are coming off the bottom of the c-clip, the flat section of the c-clip with the screw holes should be touching the internal section of the gyprock and the 2 taps should be pushed down over the Gyprock to hold the bracket in place.
  • Looking at the wall now all you should see are 2 tabs holding the bracket in place on the bottom of your cut rectangle, and if you look through the right and left side of the rectangle you will see the bracket holes.
  • Now simply screw your power point, light switch, or audio plate etc to the c-clip for a secure installation.


  • Metal construction
  • 84mm center
  • Width: 122mm total width
  • Designed for 10mm Gyprock
  • Height: 44mm

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