Antenna TV Mech PAL to F Type Female Insert



F-Type to PAL Terminal / Connector
Make Your Own Custom Wall Plate
This F-Type to PAL terminal / connector is ideal for making up your own custom wall plates for converting F-Type to PAL connection.

You can choose the look and functionality of your wall plate. Within our range we have different terminals / connectors including Speaker, RCA, HDMI, PAL, F-Type, BNC, and CAT5e / RJ45, for customers who truly want to customise their own wall plate specific to their individual needs.

Custom Wall Plates
Wall plates are the only option when you want your home theatre to look neat and professional. Ideal for running cables through the walls, floor or roof when wiring up Home Theatre Audio and Video connections.

- F Type Female to PAL Female terminal / connector
- Ideal for custom wall plates
- These are compatible with clipsal wall plates  

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