3W Niche lights 30mm cut-out

Fitting Colour: White


The B0107-06 LED downlight is versatile and stylish featuring a downward beam with a 30-degree spread. Offering a narrow beam, compact size and option of Cool white (5500K) or warm white (3000K) colour temperatures, this 3W LED downlight provides the perfect solution for highlighting pieces of art and other features for display.


Main Features

  • Material: aluminium die-cast
  • Narrow 30-degree beam angle
  • Perfect for highlighting art and features
  • Very low power consumption
  • AC or DC input


Cut out size       Outsider dia          Temp Colour        Wattage     

30MM                 50MM                   3000K                   3W           

30MM                 50MM                   5500K                   3W  

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