Bosch Touchone 7" Code Pad SDI2 (IUI-SOL-TS7)



  • Durable touch screen with adjustable LED backlight
  • Graphic interface consisting of intuitive icons and menus
  • Language option, individually selectable by user
  • Setup wizard for easy configuration
Dimensions 192.69 mm x 115.69 mm x 13.83 mm
Maximum screw size 6G pan head
Voltage (Operating) 12VDC
Current Normal: 400mA Peak: 800mA
LCD 7” HD WXGA 1280 px x 800 px, IPS, 400 nits.
Touch Panel 5 point multi-touch, capacitive, GF glass touch sensor.
SD Card MicroSD (SDHC) 2GB to 32GB
Compatibility ICP-SOL2 & ICP-SOL3 Firmware version 1.0.3+

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