DigiTek ACD14 Inner Metropolitan Digital Antenna

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VHF/UHF, Bands 3 & 4, 14 Element Channels 28 to 50

Features Specifications
  • F-Type Balun with LTE Low Pass Filter
  • Snap out reflectors
  • Stainless Steel screws on connection points
  • Designed and tested for digital/analogue reception
  • Heavy Duty construction on all components
  • 12mm extruded aluminium heavy duty elements
  • Tough powder coated finish
  • UV stabilised plastics
  • Bifurcated rivets - Strongest in the industry
  • U-bolts & Clamps fitted
Elements 14
Band 3 & 4/5
Channels 6-12
Forward Gain 12.5dB
Front to Back Ratio >16dB
Channels 28-51
Forward Gain 11dB
Front to Back Ratio >16dB

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