Fantech Trade Compact 2000 Square Plate Axial Series (CPE0404F)

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The Compact 2000 Series is a high quality and robust axial fan range that is suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. It can be speed controlled to better manage energy consumption.


Single phase models only can be speed controlled.

Robust galvanised steel construction.

Inlet guard is incorporated as standard.

Capable of operating across a wide temperature range.

To make installation easy, a flying lead with junction box and 20mm Ø flexible conduit is fitted.

Finished in durable polyester epoxy paint.

Can be mounted in any position.


Model No. C D E F G Kg.
CPD0404F, CPE0404F 410 420 540 490 95 95 12 9 15

‘CPD’ denotes three phase models ‘CPE’ denotes single phase models
All dimensions in mm

Technical Data

Model NO. CP.. Nom. Speed rev/sec Air Flow m³/SEC Avg. dB(A) @ 3m CPE.. 1 ph CPD..3 ph. Max. amb °C
kW Amps* kW Amps*
0404F 23 1.42 52 0.25 1.80 0.37 1.40 70^

* Amperages shown are a guide only, refer to our Sales Department for accurate figures at time of order.
(Electrical data in bold type refers to fans that are fitted with 2-speed star/delta motors as standard).
High speed data shown.
^ Maximum ambient is 40°C when being speed controlled.
HP – High Performance model.
† Air flow without duct and fittings.

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