Fantech Trade Flair 3 Blade Ceiling Fan (FLR36 FLR50 FLR58)

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Size: 900mm/35.4”
Colour: White
with Light?: With Light
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Flair Ceiling Fan

The Flair 3 blade ceiling fans feature a contemporary design to suit most modern apartments and homes. They include an innovative blade design that maximises air flow and provides excellent air circulation and cooling effect. The Flair range is engineered for fast and efficient installation, and fitted with a reliable high quality AC motor.


Available in black or white, and with/without LED light.

Pre-balanced for smoother, low noise operation.

Made from durable ABS for a long working life.

18 watt LED light can be set to cool, neutral or warm white (LED light models only).

Utilises the latest ceiling fan technology and design.

Suitable for indoor and covered outdoor areas.

Quick connect terminals simplify wiring.

Comes with three speed wall controller with light switch.

Optional remote control available (Part number SFREMOTE).

3 speed wall controller with light switch included.

Optional Remote Control

Mountable on ceilings with a maximum angle of 18º.

Maximises air flow and fan efficiency

Ensures smooth, low noise operation

Produces balanced, aerodynamic rotational movement

AeroGlide System is the next generation of innovative ceiling fan technology. It combines aerodynamic engineering techniques with state-of-the art motor design to maximise fan efficiency and achieve a balanced, ultra smooth rotational movement.

Impeller blade geometry has been fully optimised to enhance air flow volume and direct the air stream where it is needed.

Each model includes blades with a cutting edge twist profile design that improves air movement and overall fan performance.

AeroGlide also incorporates ergonomic quick connect terminals that simplify wiring and allow fast, time saving installation.

The AeroGlide System is integrated into the Fantech Trade premium ceiling fan range, including the Flair, Quinton and Juliet models.

Our years of fan engineering knowledge and expertise in air movement ensures AeroGlide’s inherent attributes deliver strong efficient air flows and quiet operation.

Standard Fan



Model A B
360mm/14.2” 900mm/35.4”
360mm/14.2” 1270mm/50”
360mm/14.2” 1470mm/57.9”

Fan with LED Light

Model A B
355mm/14” 900mm/35.4”
355mm/14” 1270mm/50”
355mm/14” 1470mm/57.9”


Technical Data

Model Fan Size Colour LED Light Max. Air Flow m³/hr Watts Volts Hertz
FLR36WH 900mm/35.4” White No 12,630 75 220-240 50
FLR36BK 900mm/35.4” Black No 12,630 75 220-240 50
FLR50WH 1270mm/50” White No 11,700 75 220-240 50
FLR50BK 1270mm/50” Black No 11,700 75 220-240 50
FLR58WH 1470mm/58” White No 12,480 85 220-240 50
FLR58BK 1470mm/58” Black No 12,480 85 220-240 50
FLR36WH-LED 900mm/35.4” White Yes 12,630 75 220-240 50
FLR36BK-LED 900mm/35.4” Black Yes 12,630 75 220-240 50
FLR50WH-LED 1270mm/50” White Yes 11,700 75 220-240 50
FLR50BK-LED 1270mm/50” Black Yes 11,700 75 220-240 50
FLR58WH-LED 1470mm/58” White Yes 12,480 85 220-240 50
FLR58BK-LED 1470mm/58” Black Yes 12,480 85 220-240 50


LED Light Specifications      
Lumens 1120 1330 1230
Light Colour Temperature 3000K 4000K 5700K

Colour indicated in drawings above is for illustrative purposes only.

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