Fantech Trade Rapid Response 200 Ducted Ceiling Exhaust Fan (RESPF8)

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Grille: Round
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Rapid Response 200

The ultra quiet Rapid Response 200 header box exhaust fan is ideal for odour and dampness removal from toilets, powder rooms, laundries and cupboards. It includes features such as a unique swing clip and removable spigot that makes it very easy to install.


Advanced impeller and housing design provides powerful air flow with minimal noise.

Can be retrofitted into an existing standard 8” round fan cut out.

Low resistance non-return backdraft damper maximises air flow performance.

Matching grilles are easy to remove, which makes cleaning easy.

Includes sealed for life ball bearings.

High strength swing clips make installation easy.

Available with a modern square or round grille. Square grille can be easily rotated to align with walls.

Available with 3-15 minute adjustable run-on timer (RESPF8-T).

Comes with spigot to suit both 100mm and 150mm duct.

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