Fluke Socket Tester Audible/Visual RCD Check, CATIII 300V (ST240+)

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ST240+ RCD Socket Tester
Part No. FLUST240+


  • Simple operation - Plug into the socket; with the bright, easy-to-see LEDs, verify correct wiring or identify common wiring problems in both standard and RCD outlets
  • Save time - Eliminate multiple trips back and forth by using the beeper on the RCD to help identify if a circuit breaker is switched on or off
  • RCD outlets - With an integrated RCD test, you can feel secure knowing that your RCD-equipped outlets are functioning properly
  • Know more, faster - With the handy chart, quickly identify one of six wiring conditions for the outlet
  • Hear the results - The audible beeper lets you know anytime voltage is detected

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