Martec Jet Round 250mm High Extraction Exhaust Fan White

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The MXFJ25W Martec Jet features built-in draft shutters that are forced open as the fan is in operation, which means that once the fan is turned off they return to the closed position. For this reason, it is advisable to have ample clearance above, we would recommend a minimum of at least 300mm. This unit is designed to be non-ductable and maybe an easy like for like replacement for an old ceiling-mounted exhaust fan.

MXFJ25W Features:

• DIY installation fitted with a flex and plug
• Powerful air extraction
• High-performance long-life ball bearing motor
• Quiet operation
• Removable fascia for easy cleaning
• Built-in draft stopper for energy-efficient performance

Extraction Rate 350 m3/hr
Hole (Cutout) Size 242mm Round
Fascia Size 272mm Round
Ductable? No

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