Socket & See Socket Tester Earth Loop, Polarity, RCD Check (SOK36)

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The Socket and See SOK36 advanced electronics initially performs its own internal self-check to confirm the unit is operating correctly. Next it will automatically check for correct wiring then perform a non-trip loop impedance check. Additional selectable functions are available to check the tripping function of 30mA RCD’s and also a mains Active / Neutral polarity check.
  • Bright LED's outperform fragile old style neon's
  • Logical 'Green for Good' LED Indication
  • New Circuitry avoids tripping RCD's when testing wiring
  • Continuous audible tone gives positive good wiring indication
  • Strong warbling tone gives clear warning of faulty wiring
  • Advanced electronics include a quad comparator to give clear indication even on noisey circuits
  • New patented 'Fault Locate' electronics gives clearest indication yet of good plus 17 wiring fault conditions
  • Built-in self-check at start of testing gives confidence of correct operation at all times
  • The first socket tester to also test true earth loop impendance
  • Easy colour LED read out system indicates earth loop result as <1.5W, <2.5W, >2.5W
  • Full earth loop non trip test
  • Audible tone indication gives clear indication of good socket or problem socket

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