Tesla RCD Protected Double GPO (RCD/GPO2/30MA)

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• RCD Classified: Type II
• Rated Voltage: 230/240V
• Rated Current: 20 A max (Total)
• 50Hz , 30mA
• L/Nin-L/Nout : 2KV
• RCD Contact break: Double Pole
• Switch Contact break: Single Pole
• Standards: AS NZS 3190, AS NZS 3112
• Dimension: 120(W) x 76 (H) x 50 (D) mm
• Cable Capacity: 4x2.5mm , 2x4mm , 1x6mm

Designed to be direct replacement for your Standard GPO outlets, combining two
Standards 240V AC 10 Amp mains (GPO) outlets with a built in RCD to provide protection
against electrical shock

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