Wiha Volatge Detector, Non Contact 90-1000V AC, Cativ 1000V

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The contactless Wiha voltage tester will give an initial indication of whether an area is live or not thanks to an optical signal. Once the tester is switched on, the permanently green LED indicates that the tester is ready for use. If a voltage is detected, the red LED lights up, which can also be easily seen in daylight.

Suitable for all socket variants worldwide thanks to its measurement tip adapted to international usage. Designed for CAT IV 1,000 VAC, the single-pole voltage tester complies with EN 61010-1/IEC 61326.


  • Detect voltage between 90-1000V
  • Compact design with pocket clip
  • Red visual indicator
  • Includes 2 x AAA batteries
  • IP67 rated

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